4 Key Elements to Hire Right

Are you interested in increasing your hiring success? Would you like to decrease turnover? Matching the right person to the position is the solution to both these desires.

Often, managers focus on the skills needed for the position they are hiring for. They make a complete list, create an ad, and interview more people than they desire. Kimberly, a manager for a call center, said she interviews, on the average, 36 people for a customer service representative position. When asked to comment on the life-cycle of an employee in this company, she shared that “some make it through the training process and work on the phones for a year or two. Several don’t stay long enough to get a return on the time and training we invested in them.” She elaborated on a recent situation where she interviewed an individual and was very confident that this individual’s skills would be a great asset to the team. She sent him off to the next interviewer and again, the potential candidate passed the second stage of the interview process. Both interviewers were very satisfied with the discussion and resume of this candidate. James was a sure fit for the position, or so Kimberly thought.

Veteran Susan Wofford

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Reprinted with permission from Susan Swafford, 505.400.4141 |Susan@YourCOREadvantage.com | http://yourcoreadvantage.com

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