Written Power

The Ol’ Bard, Will Shakespeare once said, “The pen is mightier than the sword!”

Although we are in the digital age, people still read albeit on a cursory level. They notice misspellings and poor usage even if it isn’t on a conscious level. That is where good ideas go to die when they are lost in bloated language and hyperbole.

When you want to emphasize a point, avoid the use of -ing. It dilutes the verb and weakens the point. Use the infinitive (to + verb) or the verb itself—Park instead of parking the car. Of course there are times it is fine but not when you want to drive home an important idea.

Another idea is to compensate for short attention spans. I call it looping. Make an example for yourself to embed the thought. Here’s an example:

Sandy works from home. She has to adapt her attention to the many distractions in her new work space. The distractions include family interruptions, multiple expectations like being a teacher and cleaning around her.

Now, find and circle the subject: Sandy

Point: Works from home.

Detail of the point: distractions

Why is this important?

It is important to have clarity in your writing. You know what the antecedent is. Consider this exercise when you compose your ads or articles for maximum impact.

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