Now is the Time to Shift Your Company Culture!

All bets are off from what used to be. The hardest step to take in such shaky times is the first one–we’re not sure where to put our feet!

That step is so much easier when you can draw upon someone else’s experience. That’s how IPE comes to support you.

Consider the following areas to shift:

• Customer care
• Employee attention
• Store layout
• Website arrangement

Drawing on another’s experience is not copying, because you will add your own spin to it. “No one does what you do the way you do it!™” M. Cubas

-Forget about the competition.
-Run with yourself.
-Consider how you used to do things.
-Assess the outcomes.
-Identify where you want to adjust focus, and DO IT!

This is a terrific place to begin anew. Refresh your phone greeting. Reward your associates and enjoy what you are meant to do.

Printed by permission by Michelle Cubas, CPCC, Credentialed Business Coach and Analyst, (480) 510-7166.

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